Tema Port Shores Up Security; Recruits 149 Personnel
Tema Port Shores Up Security; Recruits 149 Personnel

Jan 11 2024

Worldwide, maritime trade and cargoes are increasingly being targeted by organized criminal conspiracies and individuals involved in smuggling, cargo theft, and terrorism.

This has made the safety and security of port property and workers even more crucial. This is why the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority invests yearly in its security, which includes an able workforce.

This year, 149 personnel recruited by the Port Authority in Tema have successfully passed out after 6 weeks of intense and rigorous training at the 1st Battalion of Infantry at Michel Camp. This is the first time GPHA has entered into a partnership with this particular military camp for the training of security staff.

The new recruits underwent endurance and strength training, swimming courses, access control and searches, checkpoint duties, and report writing, among others, in a bid to transform them into disciplined, physically fit, mentally alert, and competent members of the Security Department of the Port.

During the passing-out ceremony, the Director of the Port of Tema, Mrs. Sandra Opoku, handed awards to outstanding performers among the new recruits.

“After today's graduation ceremony, you'll be assigned to serve the port in different roles. You must serve with honor, dignity, courage, and integrity, show allegiance to what is right, and conform to the authority's code of conduct. If you live by this commitment, you will have a great future in GPHA,” Mrs. Opoku said to them.

She indicated that so far as maritime threats exist, security will remain an essential part of port operations.