Vessel Handling

All vessel handling services are provided by the Port Authority. The harbour master has oversight of nautical operations within the port. This comprises operational tasks related to the safety and efficiency of vessel management within the boundaries of the port. The harbour master’s office allocates berths and coordinates all services necessary to berth and un-berth a vessel. These services include pilotage, towage, mooring and unmooring, and vessel traffic services (VTS).  
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Stevedoring services are provided by the Port Authority and ten (10) private stevedoring companies. GPHA controls 25% of all stevedoring. The remaining 75% is performed by the following private companies.

  • Atlantic Port Services (Private) -(APS)
  • Speedline Stevedoring Company (Private)- (SSL)
  • Golden Gate Stevedoring Services (Private) -(GGS)
  • Gemini Stevedoring Company (Private) -(GMS)
  • Advance Stevedoring Company (Private) -(ASC)
  • Sir Lab Stevedoring Company (Private) –(SLS)
  • Keyport Management Company (Private) –(KMC)
  • Port Futures Limited (Private) –(PFL)
  • Kayab Stevedoring Company (Private) –(KSC)
  • Agilent Maritime Services- (AMS)

Shore Handling

Shore handling (receipt, storage and delivery services) are provided by Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Red Sea Maritime Services Ltd. Red Sea Maritime Services Ltd undertakes shore handling services for non-containerized cargo, excluding dry, liquid bulk and vehicles. In addition to inland clearance depots that offer receipt and delivery services.  These are:

  • Golden Jubilee Terminal (GPHA)
  • Tema Container Terminal (PRIVATE)
  • Tema Bonded Terminal (PRIVATE)
  • Maersk Container Terminal (PRIVATE)
  • Atlas Manufacturing And Engineering Services (PRIVATE)
  • Africa Coastal Services (PRIVATE)
  • APM Terminal (PRIVATE)

Types Of Cargo

Virtually all products used in our day to day lives have passed through the port. Either wholly or, partially as a raw material. Cargo types handled include AGRI BULK , bagged cargo, containerized cargo, dry bulk, forest products, frozen cargo, general cargo, iron/steel, liquid bulk, machinery/equipment, palletized, vehicle.

Waste Reception Services

Waste reception services in GPHA’s ports are provided by Six (6) private operators

  1. Ecostar Environmental Service
  2. Glas Brown Company Limited
  3. Tillbury Environmental Group
  4. Jokjim Company Limited
  5. A. Wahabii Environmental Group
  6. Timax Development Enterprise
 ECOSTAR Waste Reception Facility
    Fresh Water Supply is provided by Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority

    Dock Labour Services

    There are three privately run Dock Labour Companies  responsible for providing labour to Stevedoring companies and port operators.

    Ship Repair Services

    Drydock and slipway facilities are available in Tema Port. The Tema Shipyard is one of the largest shipyards and dry-docks on the African Continent. Strategically located on 48.45 acres of land in the Centre of the West African sub-region, it is situated adjacent the Commercial Port of Tema, Ghana, The Shipyard has two (2) graving docks of 100,000 dwt capacity and provides dry docking services, lay berths and fitting out quay’s and preservation works. Please click the link below for more information.

    Clearing And Forwarding Services

    For details on clearing and forwarding agents please contact the offices of 
    Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF):
    Phone no:  00 233 303 205 810 
    00 233 303 200 266

    Customs Union Brokers Association of Ghana (CUBAG): 
    Phone no:  00 233 243 132 722 
    00 233 243 132 722      

    Ghana Community Network (GC-Net)

    The Ghana Community Network (GC-Net) is an Electronic Data Interchange system for the clearance of goods administered by Ghana Revenue Authority, Customs Division. The GC-Net helps in facilitating the clearing of cargo from the ports, minimizes malfeasance in tax payment and collection, provides a complete audit trail on import and export transactions and provides the tools for sending electronic import and export declarations throughout the day. For more details, visit their website. 
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    Customs Excise and Preventive Services

    The Ghana Revenue Authority, Customs Division is the statutory body established to collect, account and protect customs, excise, other assigned tax revenues and facilitate trade across the country’s borders. For further information on Customs procedures, documentation and duties. 
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    Bunkering and Ship Chandlery Services

    Bunkering services are available either in port, at anchorage or offshore. This service is provided by the Aegean Bunkering Services Ltd.

    There are also competitive ship chandlery services providing vessel’s stores requirements.

    Storage and Warehousing Services

    Tema port has 77200m2 of paved area for the storage of containers, steel products and other conventional cargo. The closed storage area, which is about 25,049m2 (2.51 hectares), consists of six (6) sheds with a total storage capacity of 53,000 tonnes of cargo.
    There are various private storage and warehousing facilities located around the port, within the port city and beyond. Click here for contact details.

    Safety and Security Operations

    The fire and safety department is responsible for monitoring hot works as well as inspection of all fire–related equipment, maintenance of safety standards and the IMDG code in the port.

    Tema port has been ISPS compliant since July, 2004 and is operating at MARSEC level 1. All port installations are manned by 24 hour CCTV surveillance plus professionally-trained security personnel who monitor all port zones including entrance and exit gates on 24 hour basis.

    Customer Services

    The port’s customer services team is dedicated to enhancing your business activities through the port. Kindly contact us with your enquiries, comments or complaints: we are always available to you via the contact details below:

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    Trade Hub Services

    Resources for planning of import and export activities can be found on the Ghana Trade Hub's information Centre. These information resources include:

    • Duty rate calculator
    • Used vehicle duty calculator
    • Import classification tool and procedures
    • Export classification tool and procedures

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