Owners of car garages as well as dealers of cars have acknowledged that they are still applying their old prices on their cars three (3) weeks, since the Vice President announced a 30% reduction in the Home Delivery Values of cars.

One of the car dealers, Agyenim Boateng Preprah stated that “It’s a good initiative but we can’t reduce the prices now unless we cleared the old stock.”
According to him, most of them are now expecting new imported cars which will benefit from the reduction before the can start reducing their prices.

He said due to the fact that some of them still have old stock which has the current prices, the new prices are likely to be impactful after 2 or 3 months from implementation date of the reduction directive.

Another car dealer, Prince Oduola noted that it is very welcoming news from government to reduce the home delivery values of cars by a whopping 30% of the car’s home delivery value which is the original value of the car when it is initially manufactured and placed in the market.

He stated that it is good for their business, because it will enable them reduce their prices to more affordable rates, which would attract more customers and in turn allow them to import more.
The dealers however appealed to Government to put in place measures that world arrest the rising values of the US dollar as against the Ghanaian cedi so that the impact of the reduction in the car values would greatly be felt.

4/29/2019 4:20:24 Pm
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