In a related development, the acting Director of Tema Port Edward Kofi Osei with the support of the acting Director General of GPHA have also engaged reporters of the Tema Region of the various media networks in Ghana to brief them on the state of Ghana’s ports and their future.
The Director of Tema Port, Edward Kofi Osei said the Port of Tema recorded an increase in cargo traffic as well as an improvement in transit trade.
“Cargo traffic has gone up to 30 million tonnes from 11million tonnes last year. Our transit cargo which means that the cargo that we send to transit countries such as Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso has gone up from 1 million tonnes last year to 1.2 Million tonnes.”
He said the Tema Port is committed to attaining its vision of becoming the container hub of West Africa.



“We are looking forward to a gigantic project called MPS which all of you have heard of, that we hope would position us to become the hub of West Africa,” he added.
The Acting Director General, Michael Luguje mentioned that GPHA entered into a strong partnership with IBISTEK under a concession agreement signed between the two in 2017 to develop a multipurpose port terminal facility. He said physical construction of such projects commences in January 2019.
“Takoradi is seeing massive infrastructure development with private sector participation with agencies like IbisTek. In Tema, we are looking forward to MPS three container terminals which is going to give our Port of Tema, one of the state of the art container terminals in modern time,” the Acting DG, Michael Luguje told the assembly of journalists.
He also responded to a number of concerns raised by the reporters.

12/27/2018 3:59:27 Pm
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