Meridian Port Services (MPS) which is a Terminal operating under Tema Port and made up of a consortium of Companies including Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, A.P. Moller Terminals and Bolore Africa Logistics has been named number 19 out of 100 best role modelled companies in Ghana at the 17th Ghana Club 100 awards held in Accra.
MPS is currently undertaking the Tema Port expansion project which will see Port of Tema being expanded to 3 times its current size.
The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by June 2019.
Ghana Club 100 membership and rankings are determined among others the following three main criteria. One is size, measured by each company’s turnover. Another is profitability measured by three-year average return on equity. The third is growth measured by three year compounded annual growth rate. Weights are given each criterion to determine overall rankings.
This year’s event focused on Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Opportunities for Growth and Job Creation as well as investment.
This year’s Club 100 initiative aims at serving as a springboard for forging partnerships between Ghanaian and foreign businesses, showcasing the country’s industrialization potentials, gaining support from government for enhancement of the competitiveness of the corporate sector and developing open information within the corporate sector.
MPS was positioned mainly behind companies in the telecom, mining and oil and gas industries.
MTN was adjudged number one company in Ghana while GOIL came second.
The Terminal which is owned by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and its private partners say they are will to change the face of doing business in West Africa by the time it's ambitious expansion project will be ready in about six months from now.

11/27/2018 10:13:55 Am
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