In a related development, the Transport Minister also met with the media, in a separate encounter to introduce the new Director General of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to the Ghanaian Public.
“I’m here this morning to do one basic function to introduce to you, to the management of GPHA and to the media, the new Director General whom the president has appointed to be Acting Director General until his appointment is approved by the board,” he said.
The Transport Minister urged the new DG to complement efforts by the government to undertake reforms within the port sector.
“My expectation is that, the President has his own vision for the country and for GPHA and I’m sure that he will be able to fit into the vision of the President and help the president to succeed and help the President to make sure that whatever decision, so far as GPHA is concerned will be successful and is going to enhance the image of GPHA and also will improve the service the GPHA runs”.
He reechoed that the management of GPHA have been charged to assist the new DG to excel on his responsibilities.
“In any new system that is introduced, there may be problems but your ability to withstand the problems and deal with them, to me is very important”, he added.
The Acting Director General of GPHA, Michael Luguje said he is prepared to work with every member of the staff of the authority, particularly the senior management to ensure that Ghana continues to be the leading gateway to West Africa’s maritime trade.

“The assignment was just to come and superintend over the port, to work with the team in place, to ensure that the ports continue to grow better, they are positioned better to compete within the sub-region and at least continue to play the role expected of us, to ensure Ghana is the leading gateway to West Africa’s maritime trade”, the Acting DG said.
He said much progress had been made within the port environment and that he intended to build on the successes chalked so far.
“The more you succeed, the more responsible you must be to ensure you don’t retrogress so I am just coming to be able to continue on that trend”, he added.
He added that it is part of his objectives to get all workers to rally with management as one team to be able to move the port sector forward.

7/10/2018 2:00:37 Pm
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