Crisis Management and Prevention Company, LCB World Wide Ghana has commenced the construction of some eight decontamination tunnels in the Port of Tema in the lead up to the disinfection of all imports coming into the country and exports leaving Ghana. 
The Ghana Health Service is leading the charge to have exterior surfaces of all unit loading devises including vehicles of all types disinfected at the ports before such imports get onto the market. 
The objective is to ensure that imports coming into the country or exports leaving the country are disease free, wholesome, safe and secure.  
The move, according to the Ghana Health Service is in conformity with International Health Regulations. 
Some industry players have described the move as a laudable one which shows the seriousness of government in tackling the issue of safety and security of goods entering or leaving the country. The eight tunnels dotted along all four gates of the Port of Tema and other vantage points come along with eight control rooms and eight offices. 
Chief Engineer for LCB World Wide, Sen Korhan Muhharem in an interview said that the offices will house operations staff of the company and other allied institutions, particularly the Ghana Health Service which will be supervising the company’s operations in the ports.

“In each gate we would have these side offices, consisting of officers of LCB, World Health Organization, and Ghana Health Organization. We would have officers at all gates. We have one control room per each tunnel, 8 eight controls for the 8 tunnels,” he said.
He said work on the tunnels will be completed in the second week of February, 2018 after which test runs will begin and eventually pave way for full and actual operations. 
The tunnels, he intimated are being constructed such that trucks carrying goods will drive through at a very normal pace for the fumigation to be done. 
“None of the trucks would be stuck inside. These tunnels are driving ones. I mean the trucks do not stop inside the tunnels. They would go by normal speed they have as per the regulations of the port. If they get into the tunnels, they would be fumigated, finished and go. No stop, no documentation, everything would be automatic,” he explained. 
Managing Director of Sod Construction Limited, Samuel Ato Dadzie on his part expressed joy at the opportunity to work with LCB world Wide Ghana. He noted that the company has engaged the services of various skilled workers including carpenters, masons, surveyors and plumbers among others. He was optimistic that they will meet the timelines for completion of the project.

1/25/2018 10:50:15 Am
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