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The Marine Police and Railways Commander, Chief Supt. Joseph Ababio has cautioned prospective car buyers to be vigilant in order not to fall in the hands of fraudsters who promise to sell to them auction cars at the Ports of Ghana.
According to him, his outfit has received several complaints from some section of the public who have been defrauded of huge sums of monies under the guise of cars being sold to them at a cheaper price.
“People are using that fore knowledge or false impression that cars are cheaper at the port to swindle people who want to buy cars. Cars are only cleared in the port enclave. Cars are not sold at the port enclave,” he revealed.
He said these fraudsters adopt some techniques to defraud their prospective buyers.
“Currently they come in two or three. When they sell the car to the prospective buyer, one of them leads the buyer to the long room, supposedly to pay at a certain point and then they would hand over a key to him. The other colleagues will by the time the client would return from where he has gone to pay the money, they would have left with the car. He will not meet the vehicle there,” he cited.
On the issue of one staff of GRA who was swindled to the tune of 21,000 cedis, he expressed optimism that the police station where the incident was reported should publish the pictures of the alleged culprits soon to alert all police posts in the country to be on the lookout for them because they are wanted.
“The last one that I know about, I think it happened in Korle-Bu area. With that incident, the victim was even smart to take a selfie when he was paying the money. I know the police at Korle Bu are in the process of publishing the photograph, so that all of us in the photograph use it to guide our investigations,” he added.
Chief Supt. Joseph Ababio advised the general public not be deceived that cars are sold at the Port and fall for pictures of cars at cheaper prices on the internet, but instead patronise cars from garages and reliable sources.
“When you listen to the prices that the prospective buyers are lured to pay for, on various cars, they are cheaper than the market prices,” he said.
He said the Police is not leaving any stone unturned to clamp down on the activities of these fraudsters and appealed to the general public who have information about car fraudsters to assist the police.
“People like that, we are on their heels. We are doing underground investigations to catch the syndicates involved in these kind of deals. So, as soon as we find them, we will close down on them and send them to the law court. Those who are doing that, they should know that, now we have set a lot of underground investigations in motion,” he warned.


The Minister of Fisheries, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye has called on stakeholders in the fishing industry to support the close season policy the ministry is introducing so as to safeguard the fish stocks in the country.
She said the closed season is not meant to deprive fisher folk of their livelihoods or bring untold hardship to them but instead safeguard the fish stock for many years to come.  
“I’m calling on all of you to support. When we come out again, to talk about the closed season. It is not to make anybody uncomfortable. It is not to take food away from the mouth or tables of families. But we want to save our fishes,” she said.
Elizabeth Afoley Quaye was speaking during the swearing in of a 7 member elected executive team of the National Fish Stevedores Association (NAFSA) in Tema.
“Everything that you need as workers, will be sorted out by coming together. So, the first thing I want to applaud you for is coming together in your associations,” she said.
A Deputy Minister for Transport, and MP for Tema East, Daniel Titus Glover also seized the opportunity to charge workers operating around the Tema Fishing harbour to improve the sanitation situation at the area so as to avoid the contamination of fishes.
“The handling of the fishes, sometimes the way we dispose of them make the whole fishing harbour area quite funny, in terms of the bad odour it creates. People sit anywhere and they just throw rubbish all over the place. And when they have contact with the fish, that would be a major problem for us,” he lamented.
He tasked management of the fishing harbour to ensure that workers who enter into the hatches of vessels to bring out fishes wear the prescribed protective gears so as to protect their lives and keep the food clean as well
He entreated the associations to conduct their mandate with discipline and prioritize knowledge sharing.
“Those who enter the hatches, GPHA must ensure that they have proper protective clothing because the hatches are very cold. If you wear anything at all and you go in and out of the cold, you can develop something you don’t know in future. As part of the clearance to work as a stevedore company, ensure that the protective clothing that they wear into the hatches to work are the prescribed ones,” he admonished.

Fish stevedore companies are responsible for discharging fish cargo from vessels, and transfer the fish onto waiting trucks and to the cold stores. The National Fish Stevedores Association is an association that oversees all matters in the fish stevedoring sector including checking the operations of stevedore companies, good working conditions and promoting the welfare of workers.  
The occasion also was also used to mark the inauguration of the Ports and Harbours Private Security Association who will provide security services in the Fishing Harbour enclave.
The General Manager of the Tema Fishing Harbour, Kumi Adjei-Sam who chaired the ceremony stated that GPHA has committed to modernizing the Fishing Harbour, to ensure it is safe and healthy for handling food and doing business.
“Our vision is to have a modern fishing port meeting world quality food standards and that’s what we want to do. We want to make sure that anyone who comes to the Fishing Harbour, they see that the place is well maintained and well operated. This alone can bring us a lot of business,” he opined.
The President of the NAFSA, Theophilus Biney, in a speech read on his behalf, thanked GPHA’s management for supporting the elections and inauguration of the Association.
“It was a result of the various engagements with management of GPHA, Tema Fishing Harbour, that has occasioned to this ceremony,” he said.
Earlier in September, the National Fish Stevedores Association embarked on a donation to the New Life Nungua Children’s Home where they donated 8 cartons of fish as part of their activities to mark the inauguration ceremony.
The Association also held a health screening exercise at the Tema Fishing Harbour which received wide patronage from the fishing community.


The Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Port Services, Mohammed Samara, has disclosed that Meridian Port Services will not be applying its own tariffs at the new port expansion sites when operations begin there.
According to him, MPS tariffs will remain regulated by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and under no circumstance will that practice be ignored.
“The MPS tariff and the Port tariff, as a matter of fact are regulated. MPS applies the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority’s tariffs on its operations and never diverted or gone out of the way to apply something new and we have no intention to reinvent a tariff for this. It would be the published tariff by Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority which is regulated by the Authority under its own board,” he disclosed.
He added that, GPHA being shareholders in the Port Facility, MPS’ general operations would be supervised and regulated by the Port Authority to ensure that Ghana benefits from the facility.
The CEO of MPS was making these revelations at a media engagement to update the media on progress of work at the magnificent port expansion site.
He told pressmen that with the creation of the deep water berths, the world’s biggest vessels would be able to ply their trade in Ghana thereby reducing their travel time to other ports of call.
“On the marine side, we have dredged the channel to 18metres to allow for vessels coming with 16metres draft. 16metres draft is the biggest requirement for the biggest container vessels that is floating around this world,” he stated.
Mohammed Samara said the Port expansion is an investment into a highly sustainable and integrated infrastructural development that will promote the Government’s vision of creating a highly industrialized economy through its one district, one factory project.
He stated that, the first phase of the new magnificent terminal would be ready for delivery by June 2019.
“In June 2019, the construction will complete a section of Phase 1 and then we will go live with that section on two berths”.
Emmanuel Ohene Addo, Project Operations Manager of MPS explained that the paperless clearance process has boosted the efficiency of MPS operations and that technology is at the helm of MPS’ development.
“The main purpose of our efforts to make ports paperless was to make things easier for our clients and also make our staff have the right tools to work with to give the best of services to our clients,” he said.


General Manager of the Tema Fishing Harbor, Kumi Adjei-Sam has assured stakeholders within the Tema Fishing Harbor enclave at a 3rd Quarter Stakeholders Meeting that renovation works to improve some areas including the Canoe Basin Shed Extension and the Fish Handling Shed are far advanced.
“Phase A of the canoe basin extension has been completed and handed over and is currently being used by the fish mongers over there. Work has commenced on phase B, C and D. The fish handling shed at the fish market, has also been completed,” he stated.
He also assured the stakeholders, that the Health post being constructed by the Authority would be completed for use by the end of the year 2018.
The General Manager admonished the stakeholders to devote to engaging in practices that would keep the Fishing Harbor clean and hygienic.
He also entreated them to comply with fire and safety regulations of GPHA in order to avert any form of potential hazards so as to protect life and property.
“When you are carrying gas cylinder in a very bad way it can explode as you saw in the video presentation. Now we don’t want the same thing to happen at the fishing harbor. When you are coming to the fishing harbor there is a way to carry the gas cylinder. If you are coming into the fishing harbor you have to make sure your cylinders are well arranged,” he advised.
The stakeholders appreciated the Fishing Harbor Management for their commitment to providing a conducive environment for doing business. They shared some concerns on how to further improve the fishing harbor.


President of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, CILT, Ebo Hammond, has entreated the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to collaborate effectively with all relevant port stakeholder agencies to further expand and sustain Ghana’s logistics and transport chain.
Ebo Hammond said this, when CILT paid a courtesy call on the Acting Director General of GPHA, Michael Luguje.
“I know all of these government policies are meant to improve trade facilitation, and help generate revenue. We have to balance the two. If the revenue generation becomes an overarching motive, then it can have a counter-productive issue in terms of trade facilitation agenda. A good balance is what we should have,” he added.
Michael Luguje averred that 60% of all paper transactions have been integrated into the GPHA systems adding that with time, he hopes all stakeholders including customs will conclude their system upgrading.
“The next instruction given by the Vice President is that he wants to see Customs and Port Authority systems integrate. To have to do that, you have to strengthen your own system first before you integrate. Those are the things we are looking at now. We are looking at what the weaker links are within the Paperless from the Port Authority’s side and Customs is doing the same and then we look at the integration with Customs,” he disclosed.

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