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On behalf of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, I welcome you to our redesigned website. We are very grateful that you have taken some time to visit this website. It has been redesigned to enhance the user friendliness and the level of interactivity with you and to inform you about the facilities, services, and conditions that differentiate our ports as the preferred maritime gateways to the West African sub-region.

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority is the statutory public organization mandated to build, operate, maintain and regulate seaports in Ghana.  The Authority owns and operates two ports in Tema and Takoradi. Takoradi Port is being re-positioned through an extensive expansion and modernization programme to better serve the needs of the oil and gas, mining and trading sectors. Our vision is to make the Seaports of Ghana the leading maritime hub and the beacon of trade and commerce in West Africa.

In this regard we will strengthen collaboration with the private sector in the ensuing years to improve efficiency and productivity of the entire port service delivery and lower the cost of doing business. We will also stimulate private capital investment necessary for expanding the capacity of the port to handle the ever increasing vessel and cargo traffic.

Our country Ghana is fast gaining the reputation as a peaceful and friendly country with a legislative framework that guarantees high businesses security and a business environment that ensures good return on investment. In addition, we maintain a safe and secure maritime environment that provides safe haven for ships operating in the West African sub-region.

Through a policy of continuous improvement in our management and operational processes, we strive to make Ghanaian ports the most competitive in the sub-region.

The two ports together handle about 17 million metric tons of cargo with vast opportunities for growth in the coming years. Our container traffic is projected to grow from the current one million to about two million TEUs in a decade time. It is with a deep sense of optimism that we extend our hand of partnership to you as we journey into the future.

Please feel free to make any further enquiries with the contacts provided, in your search for more information about our organization and its activities. Once again we are most grateful.



Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) is a Statutory Corporation established under the Provisional National Defence Council Law (PNDCL 160) of 1986 to build, plan, develop, manage, maintain, operate and control ports in Ghana.

The Authority is a port facility and service provider which began as Ghana Railway and Harbours Company in 1928 with only the Port of Takoradi.

The Port of Tema was built in 1962. In 1972, the company was divided into four separate public organisations as follows:

  • Ghana Railway Company (GRC),
  • Ghana Port Authority (GPA),
  • Ghana Cargo Handling Company (GCHC) 
  • Takoradi Lighterage Company (TLC)
In 1986 GRC remained separated while the other three were merged into the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

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