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The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Diamond Cement Ghana Limited, one of the top cement producers in the country to begin the construction of a port at Keta in the Volta Region.
According to the Director-General of GPHA, Paul Ansah the New Patriotic Party government made it clear that it was committed to widening developments across various sectors of the economy and that developments in Port and Harbours were not going to be left out.
“In collaboration with Diamond Cement that dream of government is being fulfilled,” he said.
A concession agreement is expected to be reached some few months after the signing of the MOU for the project.
Paul Asare Ansah said the construction of a jetty at Keta will facilitate the importation of raw materials for Diamond Cement as well as reduce their cost of doing business.
He noted that the construction will see Keta port handle vessels to ease congestion at the Tema and Takoradi Ports and also increase the volume of business in the West Africa sub-region since the facility would be used by other operators.
“Keta Port forms part of the implementation of government’s promise to the people of the Volta Region to build a port in Keta,” he said.
Paul Ansah indicated that the project has the prospect of giving meaningful jobs to the teaming youth in the Volta region and Ghanaians at large.
He added that it will also attract more investments from Togo and its neighbouring countries into Ghana. 
The Director-General noted that the port would be instrumental in the exploration of oil in the Keta Basin.

The General Manager of Diamond Cement Ghana Limited, Tati Rama Rao was grateful to GPHA and Ghana government for creating the enabling environment for the private sector to thrive.
Togbi Joachin Acolatse, Dufia of Kedzi in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region, commended the port officials for the continuous collaboration.
He noted that the construction of the port would boost economic activities and create job opportunities for the people in the region, urging the people to support government in the implementation of the project.


Ghana’s Port Community and Trade delegation as part of their trade mission to Niger also engaged state institutions like the Ministries of Trade, Industries and Transport, The Department of Agriculture, Niger Shippers Council and Niger Chamber of Commerce among others.
At the Ministry for Industry, the head of the delegation, Peter Mac Manu assured the sector Minister that, Ghana’s Port Authority will ensure that the businesses of economic operators in Niger flourish.

“The port itself in Tema and Takoradi have modern equipment, machinery and technology to make a quicker turnaround so that when the goods arrive, they do not waste time at the port. They are able to take it out, secure it in a warehouse and then transport it in bits to Niger. This is very important, Ghana has the facility for that compared to other West African countries,” the Board Chairman of GPHA, Peter Mac Manu said.
Mallam Zeidu Amiru, the Minister for Industry in Niger said the economic operators in Niger are facing difficulties using some other neighboring ports and that since Ghana’s Ports offer a better alternative with reduced taxes and faster clearance, his ministry will encourage economic operators to turn to Ghana’s Ports and Corridors.

At the Ministry of Transport, Alhaji Mohammed Jalo, Chief of Staff, Ministry of Transport suggested that Ghana and Niger put together a MoU on operations of their businesses to facilitate the transit of goods from Ghana’s corridors to Niger.
The Minister of Commerce of Niger lauded all efforts made by Ghana’s Ports to demonstrate that it is committed to helping trade in Niger and assured that he will partner with his colleague Minister of Industry to help grow the Trade between Ghana and Niger.
“We are very sure that everybody will go towards Ghana”, he said.
Other agencies assured the Ghanaian delegation that the visit has been timely and appreciated Ghana’s hospitality and respect for the people of Niger.

The Port Community has just ended a 4-day trade mission to Niamey, the capital of Niger.
The trade mission which was led by the Board Chairman of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority was initiated by GPHA as part of the Director General, Paul Asare Ansah’s efforts to attract the transit business from the Land Locked Countries within the West African Region particularly Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. 
Later last year, the Port Authority led by its Board Chairman, Peter Mac Manu and supported by the Director General of GPHA, Paul Asare Ansah embarked on a similar trade mission to Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.
This year, the trade mission to Niger was to woo the economic operators to start using Ghana’s Ports and corridors for their importation and exportation business.
 Members of the delegation included Peter Mac Manu, Board Chairman of GPHA, Paul Asare Ansah, Director General of GPHA, a Deputy Commissioner of Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Alhaji Yakubu Seidu, Representatives of Ghana Shippers Authority, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Directors of Port Terminals and Management of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority including Esther Gyebi-Donkor, General Manager of Marketing Corporate Affairs and David Songotu, GPHA’s representative to the transit countries.
The delegation interacted with economic operators from different associations as well as individual importers and exporters.
The Board Chairman of GPHA, Peter Mac Manu assured the Niger economic operators of how prepared Ghana’s Ports are to make doing business easy and cost effective for the people of Niger and urged them not to make Cultural differences a barrier.

“Be it Customs, be it Shipping, be it Transportation, be it the police, please feel free and let us know so that we will be able to deal with it, because for us, Ghana and Niger stand shoulder to shoulder to grow our economic cooperation”, he said.
The economic Operators in Niger also commended Ghana for the effort to capture the Niger Market and admitted that the people of Niger always considers Ghana’s Ports as the best but a few challenges such as the implementation of the Axle Load Policy and some manipulations by private businesses, operating in Niger is what is not encouraging them to use Ghana’s Ports and corridors.

“This is a good opportunity because if you can have the process fees cheaper by going to Ghana Port Authority, then even if you have to order via the pay port, we can ask them to go to Ghana”, the Managing Director of CAIMA, Niger, Haruna MAhamudu said.
Members of the Ghanaian Trade Delegation took turns to assure the importers and exporters of Niger that all concerns raised will be vigorously pursued and earnestly addressed to make doing business through Ghana’s Ports and corridors the best.
“In short we are ready to establish the relationship we have had in the past, it is true that in the past we encountered certain difficulties. Some we were able to resolve, others we were not able to resolve, but today all of us who are involved in the transit business have a clear understanding of what you need and for that matter there should not be an excuse that there is an issue we cannot resolve. We will put our heads together to resolve any issue that crops up between us as a port and as Nigerian economic operator”, the Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Paul Asare Ansah reposed.

“Niger is a member of ECOWAS and we will all go by it, so with reference to the duty rate we don’t have any challenge. There is the internal taxes that are vat and others but we assure you that as long as agric products are concerned and most of the items, we will always facilitate the aim. Even though we are mandatory to collect taxes, internationally too we are now to facilitate trade. So we will do everything to ensure goods in transit to also in line with international convention, to ensure that the products move as fast as possible”, the Deputy Commissioner of the Customs division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Alhaji Yakubu Seidu explained.

“The overage issue of over ten years is for Ghana and not for your country. So if you are bringing a vehicle to Niger, they do not have to apply that to you”, the General Manager of Marketing Corporate Affairs, Esther Gyebi-Donkor,
The Trade mission also met some private operators one of which accepted to be GPHA’s ambassador in Niger to woe other economic operators to use Ghana’s ports. He said he could vouch for the quality of services and good security at Ghana’s Ports.
“The reasons why I love Ghana so much is that, Ghana has high security, and if you come to Ghana for business purposes, you are most welcome so you already feel at home and this is something that I really”, he said. 
“All the biggest clients who go to Ghana, this is his biggest wish”, he said. 


Management of the Tema fishing harbor has held its 1st quarter stakeholders meeting to look at better ways of resolving issues bothering the fishing industry so as to improve it. 
The General Manager of Tema Fishing Harbor, Kumi Adjei- Sam, outlined the new GPHA Tariffs for the main Ports and the fishing harbor, and hinted they be officially applicable from the beginning of May, 2018. 
Kumi Adjei- Sam stated that provisions have been made to procure three mobile cranes, five additional forklifts and also fix the weighbridge after it collapsed about eight years ago. 
In order to make the fishing harbor more accessible and user-friendly, he said directional signposts have been mounted in and around the port.

He informed the stakeholders of plans to massively de-sanitize the fishing harbor area due to the outbreak of Lassa fever. 
Project Engineer of GPHA, Komla Ofori, updated participants on the current state of the Tema Port Expansion works.

In relation to land issue, the Corporate Estate and Environment Manager of GPHA, James Gaisie, urged all occupants of GPHA lands to acquire legitimate documents covering their use and pay the required rents.
Following recent piracy attack on a Ghanaian fishing vessel, Marine 711, and the subsequent kidnapping of five sailors who were on board, on the Ghanaian waters, the Deputy Minister for Transport, Daniel Titus-Glover, has charged port officials to tighten security at Ghana’s ports, to avert similar incidents in the future.
Titus-Glover, who doubles as the Member of Parliament for the Tema East Constituency was speaking when he visited the Tema Fishing harbor to meet with management and security officials in charge at the facility.
The security agencies present at the engagement were drawn from the GPHA security, Ghana Navy, marine police among others
Titus-Glover said the recent incident came as a surprise to the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) because Ghana has been acclaimed as one of the best ports in terms of security at both Tema and Takoradi.
“Ghana has been acclaimed as one of the best ports in terms of security at both Tema and Takoradi, so what happened recently was a surprise to all of us,” he noted.
He indicated that as part of measures to halt these piracy attacks on Ghanaian waters, the GPHA will be collaborating with operators at sea to ensure that they abide by safety standards.
“Ghana Navy need to be supported in their patrols, and I think that Ghana Maritime Authority, and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, have to support their boat with fuel to make sure they are able to protect our waters for us and all that. Internally, GPHA security will also be engaging the operators at sea with the support of the marine police and the Ghana Navy,” he said.

The General Manager of the Tema Fishing Harbour, Kumi Adjei-Sam said they will intensify the control and regulation of the supply vessels, vessels at anchorage and high seas to curb the menace and make the fishing harbour a safe haven for vessels.
“We also going to intensify the background checks on all the sailors and workers that operate at the fishing harbor, because we believe that, before pirates will operate, they get information from some of them,” he stated.

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